Digital Ultrasound


The portable and battery powered Sonosite ultrasound machine allows for soft tissue imaging in the field (including the imaging of tendons, ligaments, the reproductive tract and the abdominal and thoracic cavities). Ultrasongraphy is also useful for joint and bone surfaces as well as foreign body detection.   

Diagnostic Services



Digital Radiography


Our Tru-Dr system allows us to aquire x-rays of your horse at your farm or stable. Digital radiography generates an instant image thus allowing for a speedy diagnosis and our clients are also able to view the images. These digital radiography images can then be examined on high definition screens allowing for subtle pathology to be identified.  We also have access to same day specialist opinions in mutiple referral hospitals via the internet.  All we need is a power source and a flat area (preferably concrete) that is under cover.

ECG, Endoscopy, Opthalmology


Baldwin Equine carries the latest in ECG technology (a small, mobile portable app based device) to assess your horse in the field.  Copies of the ECG can be  emailed or printed directly from the app.


Our Endoscope assists us in the assessment the nasal passages and larynx of your horse.


Eye sight in horses is essential and all eye injuries should be treated as an emergency.  Minor opthalmic procedures are able to be carried out in the field eg. sub palpebral treatment system placement, treatment of sarcoids and enucleation.